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infrared41’s Best and Worst – NFL Week 8

Posted in hqpxmowc on September 17th, 2020

first_img 923 SportsLogos.Net Pittsburgh went 1930’s bumblebee this weekend and ruined a good uniform matchup. 8,670 Favourite Logos:I have some. Bengals-Steelers was legitimately difficult to watch. Between the Bengals tiger stripes, the Steelers bee stripes, and the officials that is the most stripes you’ll ever see on a football field at one time. That’s a record that will never be broken. Share on other sites 447 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Prev Once again, infared41 hates a monochrome look I don’t hate (Texans).Once again, I agree with his list besides that. 1 Favourite Logos:I have some. Link to post 1,728 posts Members 0 infrared41 1. Jets vs Raiders2. 49ers vs Rams3. Giants vs SaintsProbably the most our top 3s have differed so far and it isnt by that much. Good looking nfl week infrared41 How loudly would your head explode if you saw a game between the Steelers in the bumbebee suits and the Bucs in their current uniforms?Just the normal amount. 2,080 posts 923 Agreed about Cleveland… I still think Chicago’s unis are drab & the most overrated in sports. I’m interested to see your take on the color rush unis as they emerge this month. Sports Logo News Jimmy! Week 8 gave us some pretty good match ups for the best list. The battle for the top spot was the toughest of the season so far – and it’s a bit of a shocker. There were only a couple candidates for the worst list but a perennial best list contender did take the top spot. It took 8 weeks to get here, but I finally have something nice to say about the Cleveland Browns. So put 60 seconds on the clock and let’s play our game. As always, your mileage may vary.Best:1. Lions – Chiefs: My guess is I’m going to catch some flack for this one. “The Lions in the top spot!?!?!” Yes. This game is the one I thought looked the best this week. Simple as that. The colors just work in this one. Anyway, I think we have a couple of firsts here. I’m pretty sure this is the first time a London game has taken the top spot and I think this is the first time the Lions have been number one on the best list. 2. Jets – Raiders: The green pants are the only thing keeping this game out of the top spot. The white over green look is starting to grow on me, but I still think all white looks a lot better – especially against a top 5 look like the Raiders. A really good looking game that could have looked great.3. Vikings – Bears: It’s hard to keep the Bears home uniform (the best in the NFL) off the best list – throw in the Vikings road uniform and it’s impossible. The colors look just a little weird together, but the sunshine makes up for it. I like the Vikings white over purple look, but I think all white would have worked even better in this one. Still a really good looking game. 4. Giants – Saints: Last week New Orleans won a road game wearing the gold pants. This week, they win a home game wearing the gold pants. Hopefully, that means the end of the black pants for the rest of this season – and more appearances on the best list. I know a lot of people dislike the red numbers and sleeve stripes but I think the Giants have one of the best road looks in the league. Who cares that the road look doesn’t match the home look? All that matters to me is that it looks good. And it does. Play this game outdoors in the sun and it moves up a few spots. 5. 49ers – Rams: I’m not as big a fan of the Rams throwbacks as a lot of people are but it’s still a pretty good look. Anyone who knows me here knows that I prefer the Rams old blue and white look. I’ll even go as far as to say I prefer the Rams current look to these throwbacks. That said, this was still a good looking game that will look even better when it’s being played outdoors in Los Angeles next season.Honorable Mention: Colts – Panthers: I really thought the rain would kill the look of this game. It didn’t. Both looks held up really well in less than ideal conditions. A fine looking game.Thanks for ruining a potentially great match up:This week’s winners – your Houston Texans. The TItans finally wear one of their best looks and the Texans go and ruin it with that monochrome blue disaster. What a waste. Worst:1. Bengals – Steelers: When the Bengals are the best looking team on the field, you know we’re in trouble. When the Bengals are by far and away the best looking team on the field, it must be a train wreck of epic proportions. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a bunch of guy in cat suits being attacked by bunch of guys in bumble bee suits. Seriously, those Steelers throwbacks are so ugly they make the Bengals look pretty good by comparison. Holy hell, that is one ugly game. 2. Buccaneers – Falcons: The ugliest uniform in the league faces off against the most outdated ugly look in the league. What else needs to be said?And finally, it’s time to say something nice about the Cleveland Browns. Other than the silly word mark on the pants, this is a pretty good look. That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. 923 Share this post 881 infrared41’s Best and Worst – NFL Week 8 Share on other sites Moderators C-Squared infrared41 All Activity AgentColon2 Posted November 4, 2015 Posted November 4, 2015 Favourite Logos:Undecided…. as so many are awesome! Banned 9,114 posts Share this post KittSmith_95 2,036 posts Forums Home infrared41 13,075 There’s no pleasing people… Nyk33 881 Link to post Location:Location Location infrared41 2,572 infrared41 Link to post Posted November 4, 2015 0 8,670 Share on other sites Share this post Hopelessly Optimistic Detroit Fan 923 8,670 2,335 ANYTHING is better than the bumblebee unis.That’s what the game should have looked like – right down to the Steelers block number font. I’d even take the old Kenny Anderson Bengals unis.Ever consider doing an all-time best/worst list? No, but I’m considering it now. Do you mean all time best/worst looking games? 21,575 Share this post Link to post 21,575 Sign in to follow this   KittSmith_95 Link to post 690 No matchup that features the Bengals’ primary set is a “good” matchup. Location:Ajax, Ontario 4,723 posts Share on other sites 2,572 i’ll take Raiders v Jets this week. and i’m not a fan of the Panthers uniforms at all, but that game in primetime, on natural grass, in the rain . . thats football baby! solid 2 for me. 0 Share on other sites 3,760 923 Posted November 4, 2015 3,760 Link to post Moderators Share this post Members 3,760 Share on other sites Lord of the idiots. Location:Indiana > Miami Share this post 0 Go To Topic Listing 0 2,335 ConcreteCharlie 26,438 posts Link to post 8,670 Sport 111 690 Members 0 Link to post Members Posted November 4, 2015 2,848 I’m actually surprised the Browns-Cards did not make the worst list. Orange vs red never makes for a good matchup 0 Link to post Share on other sites AgentColon2 1 Posted November 4, 2015 Share this post Posted November 4, 2015 There’s no pleasing people… 328 1,417 posts drdougfresh SportsLogos.Net 0 Link to post infrared41’s Best and Worst – NFL Week 8 Share this post Share on other sites cubsfan2015 2,848 0 0 0 Share this post Moderators Moderators Next Share this post Link to post Share on other sites IceCap 690 IceCap Sports Logos Lord of the idiots. 923 Posted November 4, 2015 1,184 Posted November 4, 2015 mjd77 37,657 posts 2,572 1,390 There’s no pleasing people… 8,272 posts Jimmy! 8,994 posts Location:Cincinnati 447 All Activity 0 Posted November 4, 2015 Members infrared41’s Best and Worst – NFL Week 8 Jimmy! Recommended Posts BrandMooreArt Lord of the idiots. Share on other sites Share on other sites Favourite Logos:I have some. Link to post Posted November 4, 2015 2 #historyrepeatsitself Members Share this post 1,340 posts 8,994 posts i’ll take Raiders v Jets this week. and i’m not a fan of the Panthers uniforms at all, but that game in primetime, on natural grass, in the rain . . thats football baby! solid 2 for me.The Panthers helmet stripe seems out of place to me. Remove it and I think you go from a good look to a really good look.Yeah, I hate the Panthers’s helmet stripe. It looks goofy as hell, and matches nothing. Put the pants stripe on there, and it would be a massive upgrade. Location:Sheboygan Falls, WI We the North! Location:Seattle “Boom Boom”, Washington 2,478 posts 13,075 Ark 45,948 posts Page 1 of 2   1,462 posts Share this post Next drdougfresh Link to post Share this post Location:Seattle “Boom Boom”, Washington Prev Posted November 4, 2015 A change was needed. Share this post Moderators Share on other sites BrandMooreArt mjd77 Link to post Posted November 4, 2015 There’s no pleasing people… Link to post Broncos-Packers should be on there, it’s better than Saints-Giants at least 37,657 posts Share this post How loudly would your head explode if you saw a game between the Steelers in the bumbebee suits and the Bucs in their current uniforms? Link to post ANYTHING is better than the bumblebee unis.That’s what the game should have looked like – right down to the Steelers block number font. This topic is now closed to further replies. Posted November 4, 2015 Link to post 0 Jimmy! 328 Jets v Raiders was my top pick this week. Love the green pants under the sun against the Black Raiders jersey.Rams had a chance but that toilet collar pisses me off too much. Forums Home Page 1 of 2   Share on other sites Jimmy! Share this post Location:Location Location Posted November 4, 2015 1,184 328 1,390 Share on other sites Posted November 4, 2015 Share on other sites 21,575 1 923 Followers 0 sportstar1212 Share on other sites 8,994 posts ANYTHING is better than the bumblebee unis. Share this post 8,670 Location:Seattle “Boom Boom”, Washington infrared41 Favourite Logos:I have some. 8,670 Followers 0 Share this post C-Squared By infrared41, November 4, 2015 in Sports Logo News 923 cubsfan2015 Members 8,670 0 Jimmy! 0 Sports Logos It appears this is the only thing the Lions will be winning this year Location:Tampa, FL Share on other sites Nyk33 881 Ark Moderators 8,670 Link to post 447 Members 0 2,335 0 Share on other sites Share this post 37,657 posts 8,670 37,657 posts Members 111 8,670 1,390 923 Location:Location Location Graphic Designer Members Posted November 4, 2015 8,670 Posted November 4, 2015 Share on other sites ConcreteCharlie 8,670 Link to post 1,184 sportstar1212 2 0 Location:Location Location Posted November 4, 2015 Moderators i’ll take Raiders v Jets this week. and i’m not a fan of the Panthers uniforms at all, but that game in primetime, on natural grass, in the rain . . thats football baby! solid 2 for me.The Panthers helmet stripe seems out of place to me. Remove it and I think you go from a good look to a really good look. Sport When you’re worse at rebranding than the Chargers. 13,075 1 Moderators Posted November 4, 2015 Share on other sites Location:PHX, AZ infrared41 2,848 111 Share this post what the hell is ccslc? Members ANYTHING is better than the bumblebee unis.That’s what the game should have looked like – right down to the Steelers block number font. I’d even take the old Kenny Anderson Bengals unis.Ever consider doing an all-time best/worst list? Sports Logo News 6,700 postslast_img read more

Conor McGregor asked his girlfriend for a hand. He shared…

Posted in hqpxmowc on September 16th, 2020

first_imgGoogle, Google Analytics (Google Ireland, 3RD FLOOR ,GORDON HOUSE ,BARROW STREET, Dublin, ID: 368047) Website owners use data collected by Google Analytics to improve the functionality of their sites. You can disable data collection by downloading and installing an add-on for your browser. Download the browser add-on Gemius (Gemius sro Na Výsluní 201/13 100 00 Prague 10 Czech Republic) Like Google Analytics, Gemius evaluates and measures traffic to certain websites. It uses cookies for measurement, which you can deactivate in your browser. Hotjar (Hotjar Limited, company number C 65490, Level 2, St Julian’s Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julian’s STJ 1000, Malta) We use Hotjar to analyze traffic and user behavior. It creates a map of visitor activity on a website, which it visualizes and evaluates. This information is not always collected, it is nowhere to be paired with user activities and it is therefore not possible to identify individuals, but Hotjar may set cookies for you.last_img read more

Cashel Town FC preparing for return to Premier League

Posted in hqpxmowc on September 8th, 2020

first_imgCashel Town Football are preparing for life in the top flight of local soccer as a return to action draws closer.The TSDL season officially returns in August but officials are hopeful that action could return even sooner.During the recent lay-off, Cashel Town have erected a new stand at their grounds in Palmershill. Photo courtesy of Cashel Town FC Manager Brian Boca Glasheen says the club are in a great place at the moment.“We’re one point away from reaching the Premier League with five games to go so I would like to think that we’ll be playing Premier League football come the new season.“We’ve been working hard over the past number of weeks. There’s a new 50 foot stand gone up. On the wet windy days in Palmershill 100 people can stand in out of the wind and rain and have a half-time cup of tea.“Things like that will help attract players and get people up to watch games.”last_img read more

Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod award is Underwood’s second IMCA rookie prize

Posted in hqpxmowc on August 27th, 2020

first_imgUnderwood also traveled to Big O Speedway and Cotton Bowl Speedway. The Temple, Texas pilot paced point standings for first-year Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod drivers this season. He’d won rookie of the year in the Big Daddy Race Cars Southern Region for Hobby Stocks in 2016. He was third in the points chase at 281 Speedway, behind national champion James Hanusch and Lady Eagle winner Taylor Florio, and sixth at Heart O’ Texas Speedway. “When we started racing this year, I put my mind to running for national rookie,” said Underwood, sixth nationally and driver of that sharp-looking ride with the Bradley Poor designed Day of the Dead themed wrap. “I knew I had to be consistent, I knew I had to race twice a week and I had some good people behind me to help me accomplish it.” Larry Underwood raced to a career second IMCA rookie of the year award, topping point standings for first-year Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMod drivers. IMCA President Brett Root is at right. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography) “I really enjoyed the competition in this division,” he said. “There are so many good Southern SportMod drivers with so much expertise.”center_img “The best way to run for points is to run with people you’re running for points against,” added Underwood, who made 22 of his 45 starts in feature fields that included rookie runner-up Austin Moore. TEMPLE, Texas – Larry Underwood will add a second IMCA rookie of the year award to his trophy case. HIS SPONSORS: Underwood Trucking of Temple; Richard Pickens and Wicked Fast Transmissions of Lorena; James Hammack and Hammack Fabrications of Lorena; Eddie Grmela and Garrett Rawls and Black Flag Bodies of Elm Mott; Jack Jenkins and Jenkins Carbs and Transmissions, and Mike Land and Kingdom Automotive, both of Waco; Abbey Motorsports of Comanche; Keith White and Champ Race Fuels of Little River Academy; James Hanusch and Precision Plumbing of Belton; and Chris Florio and Florio Race Cars of Copperas Cove. HIS CREW: Jamie Marrill, Wesley Warren, Jason Batt, Jeffrey and Westin Abbey, fan Joyce Shepard and Marcus Harcrow.last_img read more

Caps Remain Undefeated And Dominate Red Wings 7-1

Posted in hqpxmowc on August 16th, 2020

first_imgThe Capitals are 7-0 for the first time in franchise history after defeating the Red Wings 7-1 last night. This was probably the best game overall that the Capitals played all year. The Capitals were able to take advantage of an exhausted Red Wings team starting their backup goalie. With this win, the Capitals are now the only undefeated team left in the NHL.This game was very fast and exciting for the entire first period. Tomas Vokoun did a good job, making ten saves in that period, including two phenomenal saves that denied Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk of two goals. His positioning also caused Detroit’s offense a ton of headaches, as Vokoun gave them virtually nothing to work with. The scoring began on a perfectly executed power play goal by Mike Green (assists by Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom) after Red Wings forward Todd Bertuzzi got called for boarding. The Caps began the power play by moving the puck around trying to find a seam. Mike Green found one and did not hesitate to blast it into the back of the net. The next goal came just a minute later, as Alex Semin found Marcus Johansson close to the goal, and Red Wings goalie Ty Conklin simply could not catch up to Johansson’s deadly wrist shot. Semin and Mike Knuble were both credited with an assist on that goal.The second period was not pretty, and it could have been a disaster for the Capitals. Luckily, the Capitals have Tomas Vokoun. After a high sticking penalty by Red Wings center Cory Emmerton, the Capitals scored at the 4:59 mark off a power play goal from Mike Green (assists by Ovechkin and Dennis Wideman). With his assist, Wideman now has at least one point in each of the Capitals first seven games. After that, the Capitals showed a lack of discipline, committing four penalties and allowing Detroit to get two 5 on 3 chances. On a 5 on 3 chance just over 11 minutes into the period, the inevitable happened: Detroit scored. Niklas Kronwall blasted a slap shot into the goal. Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom (who played in his 1500th NHL game, just the 14th player in NHL history to do so) each were credited with an assist on Kronwall’s goal. That was all the scoring Detroit was able to do for the rest of the period, as Tomas Vokoun and the Capitals PK really locked it down after that. Vokoun made 15 saves in the second period, which killed any chance the Red Wings had of winning. The Capitals added another goal with just eight seconds left courtesy of Mathieu Perreault. Matt Hendricks got a shot off and Perreault was able to get the easy rebound for a goal. Hendricks and Mike Green were both credited with an assist on Perreault’s goal.The third period was dominated by the Capitals, as the Red Wings just didn’t have enough energy to keep up with the Capitals. The Soul Brother Checking Line joined the party 8:17 into the period with a beautiful goal off a wrist shot from the Soul Brother Joel Ward. Brooks Laich and Mike Green were credited with the assists. Matheiu Perreault scored his second goal of the game just three minutes later, fighting for another rebound and putting another wrist shot between the pipes. Jeff Halpern and Matt Hendricks were credited with the assists. At the 17:21 mark, Nicklas Backstrom put an exclamation point on the Caps win by tipping in a rebound for the Capitals seventh goal of the game. John Carlson and Troy Brouwer were credited with the assists. Mike Green is my player of the game. He scored two early power play goals and added two assists for a total of 4 points. He also did a very good job defensively. I’m glad that I’ve been able to say that about him quite a bit this season. Tomas Vokoun had another very strong performance with 32 saves and allowing just one goal. Mathieu Perreault continues to do the little things right, and now it’s really starting to pay off. He’s not the fastest or the quickest. He doesn’t have that good of a slap shot or wrist shot. What Perreault does so well is fight for every rebound and puck against the wall. He also plays smart hockey. Each forward line scored at least one even strength goal. The Capitals really showed tonight that their forward depth is second to none, something that they could benefit from come the trading deadline (I’ll examine in a later post who I think the Capitals should try to move). Overall, a great game from the Capitals. However, the Capitals need to stay humble and realize that they did get a bit lucky tonight. First off, the Red Wings had to play in Detroit on Friday, so they didn’t get an off day in between games. Secondly, the Capitals faced Detroit’s backup goalie. Jimmy Howard is far better than Ty Conklin. Thirdly, the Caps should consider themselves lucky that they only allowed one goal in the second period. You can’t give good teams that many power plays and expect them to not take advantage of them. Their next game is on Thursday when they go to our northern neighbor Canada to take on the Edmonton Oilers.Please follow and like us:last_img read more

Bobby Wallace, 64, Arkansas City: Dec. 28, 1953 – March 31, 2018

Posted in hqpxmowc on August 14th, 2020

first_imgBobby WallaceBobby Wallace, 64, of Arkansas City, formerly of Oxford died on Saturday, March 31st at the South Central Regional Medical Center in Arkansas City.Graveside Funeral Service will be held at 10:30 A.M., Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at the Oxford Cemetery in Oxford. Visitation will be held Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at Oxford Funeral Service from 12:00 until 8:00 P.M. with the family greeting friends from 6 to 8 p.m. A memorial has been established with Futures Unlimited in Wellington, KS. Contributions can be left with the Oxford Funeral Home, P.O. Box 123, Oxford, Kans. 67119. For further information please visit Ray Wallace was born on December 28, 1953 the son of Bobby R. Wallace and Doris Alamoah Ruiz in Wellington. Bobby was a member of the Army National Guard for several years. Bobby worked at KanPac in Arkansas City for many years. The company was very good to Bobby. He was a fanatical Kansas City Chiefs fan and enjoyed Rock Concerts. He kept a book of all of the tickets from all of the concerts he attended over the years.Bobby is survived by three sisters; Ruth Ann Hagen of Maineville, Ohio, Bonita Cates of Bartlett, Texas and Patricia Browning of Van Buren, Ark. as well as many aunts, uncle, nieces, nephews and cousins. Bobby is preceded in death by his parents.last_img read more

Friends for life

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first_imgBy ANEEKA SIMONIS THE secret to a happy marriage is building it around a friendship, said a Pakenham woman who…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Terry Fox Nelson Organizing Committee

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first_imgThat was quite a day, Sunday as Nelsonites flocked to Lakeside Rotary Park to participate in the 2016 Terry Fox Run.The event raised more than $10,000 to find a cure for cancer.Hats off to the Kootenay Rhythm Dragons for hosting the event. The committee deserves kudos for the work in organizing the event, and Mallard’s Source for sports is quick to honour the contingent as Team of the Week.The committee includes, Dorothy Hatto, Janet Stephenson, Sarah Quayle, Maggie Mulvihill, Pat Gibson, Cath Little, Mary Walters, Jill Jacobsen, Linda Hoffman and Diane Tulloch.last_img read more

North hockey team earns the White Division title

Posted in hqpxmowc on May 31st, 2020

first_imgBY WARREN RAPPLEYEAStaff Writer North hockey team earns the White Division title BY WARREN RAPPLEYEA Staff Writer It took several tiebreakers, but the Middletown High School North ice hockey team finally nailed down the Shore Conference White Division crown based on goal differential in divisional play. The Lions dropped a 5-4 decision to runner-up Toms River South on Sunday, but that left the teams tied at 6-1 in divisional play and set the stage for the tiebreakers, enabling Middletown North, 17-5 on the season, to prevail. With the victory, Middletown North can move up to the more competitive Shore Red Division next winter. In the meantime, coach Joe Campisano’s club is busily preparing for the division and state playoffs. One thing the coach is stressing is better discipline. At times the Lions have taken too many penalties. “That’s hurt us throughout the year,” Campisano said. “We were leading Bishop Eustace, 2-0, before we began a parade to the penalty box. That cost us the game. Against Toms River South we gave up three power play goals — that has to stop.” The Lions have two plusses heading into division competition, which commences this weekend: Middletown North gets a first-round bye for winning the division, and Campisano expects that defenseman Jim Hall, North’s captain, will be back in the lineup. The talented junior has missed all but eight games after suffering a broken arm. Hall’s absence, however, did increase the load on Brian Buhowski, who served as acting captain. Not only did the junior get more ice time, Campisano noted that Buhowski has played even tougher than he normally does to lead the team by example. In addition, seniors Mike Alessi, Mike Brown and hard-nosed sophomore Jerry Cardinale, who leads the Lions with 68 penalty minutes, have all played well in front of goalie Mike Artale. Offensively, the Lions’ top line — George Noble between Mike Foley and Brian Waitt — has clicked since day one. Noble leads the team in scoring with 13 goals and 22 assists, Foley has 11 goals and 19 helpers, and Waitt has 15 goals and 11 assists. After that, however, Middletown North struggles at times for goals, although Jesse Walton has six tallies and Griffin Faulks and Mike Flynn have five goals apiece. “We’ve got a lot of hockey left,” said Campisano, whose team closed out its regular season on Monday at Hudson Catholic. “We will benefit by moving up to the Red Division next year and I think the guys are ready for it. They’ll have the chance to show it in the division and state playoffs. This team has the potential to go places.”last_img read more

Wlad retirement disappointing – AJ

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first_imgIBF, WBA and IBO heavyweight champion Joshua knocked out veteran Klitschko in the 11th round in an epic Wembley bout in April.It had been expected that Klitschko, whose nine-year reign as lineal world heavyweight champion was ended by Tyson Fury in 2015, would agree to a rematch with Joshua in Las Vegas.However, the 41-year-old instead decided to hang up his gloves, a decision the unbeaten Joshua said he saw coming.”In my heart of hearts I kind of knew he probably wouldn’t fight again,” he said.”He was saying how obsessed he was with becoming heavyweight champion of the world again.”If you fail at the first hurdle, you go again – [he] knew from my side I was ready for a rematch, making it clear that if he wants to go again, we’ll go again.”With Klitschko, we weren’t hearing too much, so I just thought he was 50-50, but I had a feeling he might not fight again.” Asked how much of a disappointment Klitschko’s decision was, he added: “Massive. It was probably even a disappointment for his management, his trainer [Johnathon Banks].”Joshua, who is now set to face the mandatory challenger to his IBF belt Kubrat Pulev, hopes to receive advice from Klitschko.”Take the financial side away, this is a sport when you get damaged mentally and internally,” he added. “It all looks good on the outside, but he’s put his body through so many years of impact.”He’s quite intelligent so has other things to keep him busy, other interests outside of boxing, so he can make that decision comfortably with retiring and focusing his energy on other things.”I know he’s got some awards nights. I’d love to work with him, present him an award, and keep a good relationship now the fight’s out the way. “I’d appreciate it if we just sat down as gentlemen, and he gave me some experience he’s learnt from over the years.” Photo by Getty Images. Caption: Anthony Joshua with Wladimir Klitschkolast_img read more