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Post-EU vote bargains? Forget it. London’s still calling

Posted in rrfyekym on October 18th, 2020

first_imgSo far so bleak. But then, he said: “I’d then buy everything back again.”In other words, Brexit is not Armageddon: markets will initially overreact and then bounce back. As it happens, his comments may turn out to be the wishful thinking of a private equity investor.There are so many investors hunting for bargains that genuine bargains will be hard to come by – the predicted overreaction is not happening.This is borne out by the deals struck this week. As we reveal, foreign buyers are snapping up a broad range of properties, from retail parks to City offices. The collapse in the value of the pound means it only takes a small chip to asking prices for well-let UK properties to appear sound investments in a world where interest rates from here to Japan are at record lows.Even in the City office market, which is expected to bear the brunt of any fallout from the Brexit vote, eye-catching deals are still being done. Last week, we revealed two City deals worth £265m, including one at a yield of just 3.6%.Amid all this cheerful news, there is an important caveat. Appetite for development and ‘refurbishment opportunities’ is undoubtedly on the wane. Stock market investors have worked this out. Five weeks on from the vote, shares in Walkie Talkie landlord Land Securities are down just 8%, whereas Helical, which is exposed to a lot more development risk, is down 30%.So how fearful should we be? Will Brexit send banks fleeing? The initial signs suggest not. Foreign banks have made significant commitments to the UK since the vote. Wells Fargo signed off a £300m purchase of a new HQ in the City a fortnight ago and this week we reveal a firm owned by BNP Paribas has agreed to a new 50,000 sq ft lease at Clearbell’s Blenheim Court in Solihull.Wells Fargo defied Brexit impact fears to move into 33 Central on King William StThis is encouraging, but if Brexit negotiations go badly and the City loses passporting rights, jobs will be sacrificed and demand for office space will fall. KKR’s co-founder Henry Kravis recently warned that 20% of London’s financial sector would leave the capital.This sounds extreme, but a significant change is likely. Green Street Advisors is predicting a 4% drop in central London’s workforce and if those jobs migrate to the eurozone, that means 10m sq ft moving overseas.This prospect is more real than we like to admit. Many of those who voted for Brexit did so expecting major changes to immigration policy. Surely it is over-optimistic to think this can be achieved and at the same time we will hold on to the same access to the single market we enjoy today.Property Week’s print edition is taking a summer break next week, but fear not: will be in full swing with all the latest news, an Olympic legacy special and the latest updates on RESI 2016, which takes place 12-14 September at The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales.last_img read more

Troopers Apprehend Alleged Barroom Slasher

Posted in rrfyekym on October 16th, 2020

first_imgNew York State Police defused a potential volatile situation when they disarmed a knife-wielding patron in a bar on December 8.Police said Dwayne Eleazer, 28, of Riverhead was at the Loose Caboose Pub on Railroad Avenue in Riverhead at about 2:15 AM Saturday when he got into a fight and allegedly slashed another man, causing a “severe” laceration on the victim’s arm. Emergency personnel responded. Police, meanwhile fanned out and located Eleazer, taking him into custody. He was arraigned later that morning and eventually released on $1000 bail, charged with second degree assault, a felony.On the North Fork, Southold Town Police said a Greenport High School student was the victim of a shooting on Friday, December 7, in what may have been the case of a pot deal gone awry.The shooting occurred in the Lakeside Garden Apartments. Police received a 911 call just past 1 AM from a caller who heard a gunshot and saw several men running toward a black sedan. Police had the suspects within custody less than 10 minutes later.Josue Bedell, of Mastic, was arrested and charged with first degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony, and possession of marijuana. Three others who drove from Mastic to Greenport with the accused have yet to be charged. The victim is currently in stable condition at Stony Brook Hospital, a spokesman said.At Bedell’s arraignment at Southold Justice Court Friday, bail was set at $100,000 cash or $300,000 Sharelast_img read more

Give Thanks, Let It Be

Posted in rrfyekym on October 16th, 2020

first_imgWhen I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.—John Lennon/Paul McCartneyPre-COVID-19, it was so easy to let oneself get bogged down in minutiae. Petty politics, petty emotions, petty journalism.Last week, The Independent began an ongoing series telling the story of the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. It is a story that shows how bad things can go when we are confronted with a disease for which we have no immunity. How bad things can go if we ignore the science related to contagious diseases.We are now in lockdown. We are in shelter, not from bombs falling from the sky, but, rather, from microscopic bombs in the air, or on the surfaces we touch.It is easy, confined with each other as we now are, to let petty emotions beguile us. Some slight from long ago suddenly seems important.But when we go out, or even put on TV, what do we see?Grocery workers, our brothers and sisters, putting their lives on the line, ensuring that we have food and supplies.The police, always the first on the scene of any emergency.The doctors and nurses who are our frontline warriors, and, unfortunately, at risk for contracting the disease.All our firefighters and EMTs, who, in doing the jobs they volunteered for, are frequently the ones who make first contact with a potential victim of COVID-19.Give them a kind word, a word of thanks, when you can. A smile or a thumbs up. But no hugs, please.As for the petty stuff?Let it be. Sharelast_img read more

Successful acquisition of LVL Medical for Air Liquide

Posted in rrfyekym on October 7th, 2020

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Kogas LNG imports down in Jan-Sep

Posted in rrfyekym on October 6th, 2020

first_imgSouth Korea’s Kogas said its LNG imports dropped 14 percent in the first nine months of this year due to a decline in domestic sales. The worlds’ largest corporate buyer of LNG said in a report on Tuesday it imported 22.91 million mt of the chilled gas in January-September, compared to 26.61 million mt it imported last year.Domestic sales fell 7.6 percent to 23.19 million mt of LNG in the period, according to the report.Sales into the power sector were at 11.03 million mt, down 10.5 percent, while the company’s city gas sales dropped 4.8 percent on year to 12.14 million mt.Most of the LNG supply was imported under 16 long-term and 3 mid-term contracts from 10 countries around the world.The Korean company currently operates 64 storage tanks in 4 LNG receiving terminals.GLNGKogas received the first cargo of LNG from the Santos-operated US$18.5 billion GLNG project in Australia on October 27.The MISC-operated 152,300 cbm Seri Bakti delivered the chilled gas to Kogas’ Pyeongtaek LNG import terminal.Kogas said in the report it is expecting  to receive 9 LNG cargoes from the Australian project this  year, and 78 cargoes in 2016.The company has a 15 percent stake in the LNG project located on Curtis island off Gladstone. LNG World News Staff; Image: Kogaslast_img read more

Construction’s best kept secret?

Posted in rrfyekym on September 29th, 2020

first_imgOne of the highlights of my year is judging the Duke of Gloucester’s Young Achievers Scheme for the Construction Youth Trust. By celebrating the emerging industry talent pool, the scheme highlights how construction businesses create great opportunities for people to fulfil their potential. Unfortunately it is difficult to separate these awards, the winners’ success stories and construction’s ongoing skills shortage. The recurrent challenge is why can’t employers create more great opportunities and why can’t more of our young people find them?The Young Achievers Scheme celebrates a special blend of talent that can be found in young construction professionals working in client, consultant and contractor organisations. The awards aim to promote outstanding candidates who have not simply succeeded in their career, but who will also have faced challenges to their progress.Candidates come from all backgrounds and have often overcome significant obstacles including illness, a slow start in school or cultural barriers to build successful, sustainable careers in construction. Winners not only receive mentoring support but also help the Construction Youth Trust.One of the most striking aspects of the awards is not just the talent of the finalists but also the quality of career opportunity and development provided by their employers.Many of the trainees that we see during the judging process have been given responsibility very early – it is not unusual to find a candidate in their very early twenties who is responsible for multimillion-pound projects or packages.Another equally striking message is that careers within construction are hidden from sight; careers advisers are wary of vocational courses, many professional career paths are misunderstood and potential rewards are under-reported.Construction has long recognised that it has a brand and image problem caused by the complexity of the industry, multitude of entry points and deep association with site-based workIn an economy where many middle-ranking professional and managerial jobs are under threat from automation, the unpredictability of construction can be expected to sustain demand for high-quality professionals who are able to adapt to deliver successful projects.Construction’s hidden potential as an employer of choice is a well-known industry challenge. In my experience, award candidates are more likely to say that they were the first member of their family to study at university rather than they were the first member of their family to enter the construction industry. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that construction is a harder industry to “fall into” than other less vocational subjects.Employers have become much better at attracting non-cognate degree holders but with the battle hotting up for degree-level apprenticeships and other routes focused on early engagement and entry, capturing hearts and minds in schools will become ever more crucial.So what insights can we take from the success stories of the award candidates and what can employers do to be more effective in recruitment markets? The first is that inspiration works. Candidates have told us about their early engagement with construction in the classroom, using giant Lego games, for example, that helped to determine a career choice in favour of the industry.The second is that the vocational aspects of construction work are a barrier and an opportunity. The barrier is that candidates may be making career-defining choices at 16 or 18 years old when other choices will leave options open. The opportunity is that the apprenticeship route gives some young people the structure and time they need to develop skills that a conventional A level route does not permit.  The third lesson is that construction firms need talent scouts. Many candidates, even at this stage of their career, have been with their firms for six or eight years – developing strong relationships and a high degree of commitment and loyalty supported in turn by mentoring and investment.The fourth is that our candidates were all brilliant advocates for their industry and should be used more strategically to support schools and college engagement, placements and internships so that opportunities to reach out with potential recruits have maximum impact.Construction has long recognised that it has a brand and image problem caused by the complexity of the industry, multitude of entry points and deep association with site-based work.Construction’s best kept secret is that despite the barriers, it creates a large number of uniquely challenging and rewarding careers for a diverse range of people. Awards like the Duke of Gloucester’s scheme not only shine a light on construction’s ability to find and develop its people, but also emphasise the effort necessary to create a clear but flexible entry route that remains open to all.Simon Rawlinson is head of strategic research and insight at Arcadis UKlast_img read more

Van Beest unveils super screw shackle

Posted in rrfyekym on September 29th, 2020

first_imgVan Beest says that the new shackles are useful for lifting jobs in which the assembly and disassembly of a load occurs frequently. The grade eight material used in the shackle range means that a higher working load limit (WLL) is achieved when compared to a standard shackle of the same size.In order to reduce wear and increase the lifespan of the components that rest on the pin, the Green Pin super screw shackles have a chamber in the shackle eye that hides the screw thread.www.vanbeest.comlast_img read more

What next for the Belgrano?

Posted in rrfyekym on September 28th, 2020

first_imgTHE FAILURE of the Argentinian government’s attempt to sell a 79% stake in Belgrano Cargas (RG 7.05 p385) received a degree of official confirmation at the end of June, when Minister of Federal Planning Julio De Vido and Transport Secretary Ricardo Jaime met officials from the 14 provinces served by the ailing metre-gauge freight operator.The government is now seeking to secure a US$250m loan from the World Bank to meet the railway’s urgent need for investment, although a turf war appears to have broken out over who should administer this funding. According to un-named officials within his own department quoted by the daily newspaper Clarín, Minister of Economy & Production Dr Roberto Lavagna is to take the lead on rescuing Belgrano Cargas at the insistence of President Néstor Kirchner himself, following the transport department’s failed privatisation attempt.On the question of ownership, Lavagna’s team is reported to favour leaving things much as they stood, with 20% of the company in the hands of current operator Unión Ferroviaria and the federal government controlling an 80% stake. The transport department’s preferred option of leaving workers with only 10% of the shares could create serious financial problems for the railway union, which might seek to pursue the government for unpaid subsidy through the courts.The provinces of northwest Argentina are anxious that track and rolling stock are quickly repaired to carry export crops when they are harvested later this year. It has been proposed that 40 locomotives and 2000 wagons should be overhauled as an immediate priority, as well as 2500 km of the Belgrano network including 884 km from Joaquín V Gonzlast_img read more

New USCIS mobile INFOPASS now available

Posted in rrfyekym on September 27th, 2020

first_imgThe USCIS has begun offering mobile INFOPASS services in areas across the country. Locally, in collaboration with the Miami-Dade County Office of Community Advocacy, the USCIS will makes this  free service available at the Miami-Dade  on Monday, November 9, 2015 from 09:00 am to 2:00 pm. USCIS INFOPASS appointments allow Individuals to make inquiries on specific cases.last_img

UWF women’s basketball announces five newcomers for 2013-14

Posted in rrfyekym on September 23rd, 2020

first_imgUWF women’s basketball announces five newcomers for 2013-14   PENSACOLA, Fla. – The West Florida women’s basketball team has announced the arrival of five student-athletes in addition to early signees Peyton Card and Susan Meyer. The standouts include high school all-time leading scorers, all-district, all-region and all-conference selections and team MVPs. D’Arcy Draper6-3ForwardPensacola HS – Pensacola, Fla.Coached by former Argonaut standout Alison Davis, Draper was the 2013 Subway High School All-Star Series basketball game MVP while leading Pensacola High to the regional semifinals her senior season. After averaging eight points, seven rebounds and seven blocks as a junior, Draper averaged 6.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.9 blocks per game her senior year.While playing volleyball, basketball and running track her senior year, Draper earned a 3.2 GPA.“I thought she’d be a nice addition to the University of West Florida,” Davis said. “She helped lead our team to a 22-5 record and helped lead our team to the playoffs with rebounds and blocks.”UWF coach Stephanie Lawrence Yelton added, “I could not be more excited about getting a local product with D’Arcy’s ability. That she played for former Argo great Alison Davis makes it more special.“D’Arcy will provide us with a shot-blocking presence and great length and agility in the post. She is also an outstanding student, which is something I always seek out during the recruiting process.”In addition to excelling at the high school level, Draper performed well for coach Charlie Harper and the AAU San Antonio Rohawks. Katie Bobos6-0GuardLowell HS – Lowell, Ind. Bobos was the Lowell High all-time leading scorer, racking up 1,196 points as the leading scorer in four seasons. She averaged 16.8 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game during her senior campaign while earning an all-academic selection. Under Lowell coach Matt Welsh, Bobos was a four-time Northwest Crossroads First Team honoree and a two-time NW Indiana Times First Team All-Area member. She was named her team’s MVP all four seasons.“What sets Katie apart from any other player that I’ve coached is that she has an unbelievably burning desire to be the best at what she does,” Welsh said. “That extends to the classroom as well.“She’s multi-talented, can play any position on the floor, but her best attribute is her work ethic and competitive spirit.”Yelton added, “Katie was our top recruiting target since last summer. I’m glad to have won a tough recruiting battle with some great programs for her.“She can play three different positions offensively for us and has the ability to defend all five spots. She is equally adept at taking the ball to the rim as she is at shooting from the arc, and she can rebound both ends exceptionally well.”Chelsey McGee5-5GuardRobbinsdale Cooper HS – Maple Grove, Minn. Cooper played for Jen Rademacher at Robbinsdale Cooper High where she led her team to a 22-6 season and a perfect 16-0 record in the North Suburban Conference while averaging 13.4 points per game. She was named All-North Suburban Conference three times and her team’s MVP twice.“She’s a dynamic point guard.” Rademacher said. “She’s the best floor leader I’ve ever coached. Teams wouldn’t press us because she could handle the ball so well.” In addition, McGee played for the prestigious North Tartan AAU program coached by Bill Larson. “She’s excited to get down there (to West Florida),” Larson said. “She’s a kid with great speed and ability to see the floor. She runs the point in an aggressive style.”Yelton added, “Chelsey is an ultra-quick playmaker that provides us a much-needed dimension in that she can really create for herself and others off the bounce. She comes to us from one of the nation’s top AAU programs, North Tartan and Coach Bill Larson.”Markeisha Watson5-11GuardPascagoula HS – Pascagoula, Miss. Watson led Pascagoula High to a Mississippi Class 5A semifinals appearance while compiling a 22-9 record her senior season. Coached by LaShonda Smith, Watson averaged 14.3 points per game and 4.3 rebounds per game last season. “Markeisha caught my attention immediately when she attended our College Prep Clinic last summer,” Yelton said. “She is a player who continued to improve under Coach Smith, and she brings incredible athleticism to our program. She is a perfect fit for our style of play.”Katie Overton6-0ForwardFarragut HS – Knoxville, Tenn. A two-time all-region and all-district selection, Overton averaged 9.4 points per game, 9.4 rebounds per game, 3.5 blocks per game and 1.5 steals per game her senior season. The honor roll student was named to the All-Knoxville Interscholastic League last season.“Katie’s ability to go inside and out with her game on the court will really give her an edge as far as translating her game from the high school to the collegiate level,” said Overton’s high school coach Jason Mayfield. “She’s one of the most competitive people that I’ve been around.”Yelton added, “Katie is a very well rounded player. She has a solid inside game, but she is also a very good three-point shooter, something we sorely lacked this past season. “She is a hard-nosed kid who is willing to mix it up and get tough rebounds. She will do all of the little things that help a team win, as she did for Farragut and Coach Mayfield.”Susan Meyer6-2ForwardCincinnati Mount Notre Dame HS – Blanchester, OhioEarly signees Susan Meyer and Peyton Card will join the five newcomers. Meyer saw playing time with the Cincinnati Heat Premier AAU squad in addition to her playing time at Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame High.“We discovered Susan this fall and were immediately taken with her work ethic,” Yelton said. “She has a variety of post moves, rebounds very hard, runs well, and has some perimeter skills to complement all that.“She comes to us from an outstanding AAU program with the Cincinnati Heat, so she has been tutored very well to this point,” she continued.  “She competes in a tough high school league in perhaps the best state for high school basketball.  We are extremely excited she has chosen UWF.”Cincinnati Heat coach Rick Hosea added, “The (UWF) coaches will have a 6-2 aggressive player. She’s strong and physical.”Peyton Card6-0ForwardLambert HS – Suwanee, Ga.Card, a 6-0 forward, was been named to her high school team’s All-Region squad, All-County team, and was her team’s defensive MVP two years in a row while ranking in the top 15 in the state in rebounds per game and total blocks during her junior year.Bruce Price, the executive director of the Peak Performance AAU program, said of the 190 girls in the program, Peyton was one of best role models.“Peyton is a very hard-working and dedicated young lady, both on the court and off,” Price said. “She represented our program with excellence. She’s a great teammate and a great person. She will be an absolutely wonderful ambassador for West Florida.”Yelton added, “Peyton has a very high basketball IQ and can fill spots both on the perimeter and inside for us. She has great fundamental skills and will make us a better outside shooting team too.“She attended our camp this summer and immediately impressed us with her skill set and maturity,” she continued.  “She comes from an outstanding AAU program that always produces multiple college players.  We are thrilled she chose to become an Argonaut.”For information on all UWF athletics, visit  Print Friendly Version Sharecenter_img Coach Yelton announced the addition of five newcomers in addition to two early signees (Photo by Chris Nelson/ last_img read more