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first_imgThe reigning WWE champion Reigns listed his fight with The reigning WWE champion Reigns listed his fight with Brock Lesnar in Wrestlmania and his rivalry with Big Show as his most memorable moments in the ring. Roman said that the two Indian debutants will learn with time and after Khali, expectations from the two will be more. “Khali is very kind and he is a nice person and now the two wrestlers will have to prove their mettle,” said Reigns. On being asked about his hero, Roman said that his mother is a true hero for him and also, the source of inspiration. Roman represents a new generation of WWE wrestlers and he enjoys a great support from the fans. He said he is delighted to be in India and he is looking forward to provide enthralling entertainment for the fans. Meanwhile Meier defended the controversy where the Indian flag was insulted by one of the wrestlers. He explained that the incident took place 20 years ago and it was just a part of the script that the wrestler was inacting. “We acknowledge the incident and it happened around 20 years ago, we tell a story and it was a part of the storyline, WWE never intents to insult or disrespect any country and we have a great respect for all the cultures. If there was harm done or people find it offensive then we would like to apologise but that was never the intent, not now or 20 years ago,” Said Meier. PTI FK FKadvertisementlast_img read more