Wuhu City, the first female electricity supplier entrepreneurship contest awards Yang Xintao

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it was said that the electricity supplier industry is the world of female entrepreneurs. This is not too far away. The number of women in the electricity supplier industry practitioners to occupy almost half. Held in Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier business competition, the female hit Yang Xintao in 10 days to sell merchandise sales of more than 15 yuan last year, won the grand prize of $1586.

1 on the afternoon of 7 may,  , Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier Entrepreneurship Competition finals and Awards held in Anhui University of engineering, which also marks the successful closing of the venture.

the contest since its inception, through propaganda, registration, training, online sales in the preliminaries, finals speech process, build a platform for the Internet era, Wuhu women’s entrepreneurship and innovation, and actively guide the dream, the willingness and ability of the Wuhu women’s entrepreneurship.

contest show fruitful results, the first is to carry out the training very fruitful. Before the game, the Organizing Committee led the electricity supplier experts and staff depth counties, organized by the University in Wuhu 25 pre match training, a total of 2749 female passengers to participate in training, more than 1000 people to complete the registration on-line.

followed by entrepreneurship online sales success. The contest completed a total of about 400000 yuan sales of more than 6 thousand products. Jinghu District, Lantau Peak community female passenger Xiao Rongju 2 Chery will be the first time through the electricity supplier entrepreneurship contest online service platform to pay the full order. This is also the first online purchase of new energy vehicles in Wuhu,, the first full payment order, becoming the first real example of the full payment of the purchase of the car through the internet. Competition also promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.

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